About the Creators

The creators of I Declare, Anne, Rob and Kayla, are every-day people. Anne is a full time mom and Rob is a businessman - they have 2 children ages 8 and 6.  Kayla is a young entrepreneur and operations professional that graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010.  They have worked together for years and have a passion for children and teaching.   They own a small business called Still Dreaming with a shared dream of introducing useful products into the marketplace.

Why did we create this game?

Overall we believe that kids and many adults today know very little if anything about the US Constitution, our country's founding document. Unfortunately little is taught in schools today and we believe it is up to parents and grandparents to help our kids learn what is the basis our our country and their freedom. We wanted to provide an engaging way we could help kids get interested in the Constitution. Using a trivia format focused on fun history facts and clever tasks associated winning the game, kids begin to understand the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Here is a little more from our founders -

“My inspiration for the creation of I Declare comes from my passion for education and children. I have spent a lot of time working with kids and their development and have continued to see a lack of their knowledge for American History. Without this imperative knowledge, how do we expect the children of our future to continue operating our country in a way that allows us to exercise our freedoms? I feel that I Declare encompasses all of the basics that any American citizen should know and does so in a fun and memorable way!” – Kayla Perkins, Director of Operations.

“I am a naturally creative person. The idea and creation of I Declare was an exciting challenge that enticed me from the start. I have used my passion for new ideas, prototyping, and product development to determine what I believe is the best way to educate grandparents, parents, kids and friends on one of the most important documents of our country, The Bill of Rights. I hope that others will find this game as inspiring and enjoyable as I do!” – Anne Zacharias, CEO