Our original I DELCARE trivia game allows players to answer true/false statements that test their knowledge of American history. Along the way, players perform fun actions that help them learn about the Bill of Rights.

The right to free speech? The right to a fair trial? Protection from cruel and unusual punishment? Which could you live without?  With I DECLARE™, you will find out, as you must earn each freedom in order to enjoy it yourself.  Can you be the first to truly be free? 


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I DECLARE... is availabe today at a great price.  


(I DECLARE...Invention and I DECLARE...Economics available on November 6th)


Are you a teacher or do you homeschool?
We offer special discounts and lesson plans to teachers and parents who homeschool.  Please send us a request for this special offering by clicking HERE.
Have you heard our latest declaration?
We have heard loud and clear from our customers and we are humbled by the positive responses.  Thank you for all your continued support!  Our new games our ready!  I DECLARE...Economics and I DECLARE...Inventions will be available November 6th - just in time for the holidays!
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